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We created Change Co. to introduce you to modern socially conscious products made by companies that are striving to create positive and lasting change. Every product that you'll find here makes the world a better place through supporting artisans in places like Haiti, and Uganda, empowering women, supporting education, fighting human trafficking and protecting the planet - to name a few. Whether you join us each season for a curated surprise, or only stop in every now and then, you are making a difference. We hope to inspire you to carry social consciousness wherever you go and to share the beautiful stories behind the products you are about to fall in love with. 

Cheers to a better world!

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Join a Change Co. membership and receive modern, fashionable products with a purpose straight to your door step at the beginning of every season. 

Get $100+ worth of products for $49.95 with a seasonal membership.

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Change Co. is my dream company all rolled into one, and I am so inspired to start changing the world with my every purchase! 

The Indie Girl

I just received my first box and I absolutely love it! Every item was high quality and supported a large number of world issues. I can't wait for the next one!!

Ashleigh Smith

The products are unique and the mission behind each that is included offer more than your average retail experience. Raising consciousness whilst providing an opportunity to "do good" with each purchase always makes for a brighter day. Thank you.

Kat Hitchcock

The holistic nature of this company goes beyond just the products within each box. They support individuals, small business, groups of people, and the world. Support these people if you're a fan of any and all of those things!!

Caroline Clark

This company is doing awesome things! The Modern Man Bundle is a practical and stylish selection of socially conscious, high-quality products. Each dollar we spend is a vote for how we want the world to be and Change Co. is there to make our spending vote count!

Pedro Cuautle


Allie Newton

After looking at your products, philosophies, and practices I had a strong feeling you were a great company; but your prompt and effective handling of my package has not only confirmed those thoughts, but has also made me a customer for life

Gina Lyon

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