The Box That Matters. 

We created Change Co. to introduce you to modern socially conscious products made by companies that are striving to create positive and lasting change. Every product that you'll find in these seasonal boxes makes the world a better place through supporting artisans in places like Haiti and Uganda, empowering women, supporting education, fighting human trafficking, protecting the planet and more! 

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Meet The Welcome Box.

The Spring Box has officially sold out! Join now to receive the Welcome Box - packed with over $230 of products that are perfect for the spring and each make the world a better place to be.

  • A full sized bottle of Luminous Face Oil from Apothecary 90291 ($120); each bottle is light and keeps your skin hydrated while funding community development and ocean protection. 
  • The Mia Clutch from Haiti Design Co ($38); every clutch is hand-made from genuine leather by artisans in Haiti and is the perfect accessory to every outfit!
  • The Sagar Gray Scarf from Bloom & Give ($45); each two-panel scarf is hand-loomed using ancient techniques by artisans in India. Plus, 50% of profits support education for girls in India. It's a wardrobe must have!
  • 1/2 lb of El Bien Común coffee (Spanish for 'The Common Good'); this coffee is a bright and balanced blend of caffeinated goodness. We partnered with Humphreys Street Coffee to create this blend, and every single bag helps further their mission of mentoring inner city youth!
  • The Copper Cuff from Branded Collective ($20); each cuff is hand-stamped by survivors of human trafficking and is the perfect statement piece for every spring outfit.

An even greater impact.

In addition to the change ignited from every product that you will find at Change Co. you'll be making an even greater impact through our seasonal boxes! Whether you start a membership or make a one time purchase of this season's box, we are committed to donating 10% of our profits to a featured non-profit organization each season! See your impact:

  • Summer '17
  • Fall '17
  • Winter '17
  • Spring 18'

Did you know that 1 in 10 people world wide lack access to clean drinking water? To help fight against the water crisis we supported charity: water with 10% of our profits this past summer. charity: water is an organization that is striving to bring clean and safe drinking water to developing nations around the world through bio sand filters, catching the rain water, digging water wells, and more! To date they have completed 24,537 water projects for 7 million people in 24 countries across the globe. We love this organization because they are committed to proving every water project that they complete through GPS coordinates, 100% of donations to towards funding these projects, and they work closely with the communities they serve to ensure these projects last for years to come. 

charity water

This past fall we supported Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation, with 10% of our profits for the quarter. Girl Up serves adolescent girls in places where it is often the toughest to be a girl - places like India, Guatemala, Uganda, and Ethiopia. Girl Up empowers these girls through improving their access to education, health, safety, and through building their leadership skills. Girls can change the world. And yet in certain places, girls lack the access to opportunities to do so. Girl Up's model not only works to empower girls in developing countries, but they work to accomplish this through the leadership training and skill development of their girl advocates. This advocate program has created a generation of current and future girl leaders; these leaders have raised millions for United Nations programs, lobbied Congress to stop child marriage and showed their communities the true power of girls. Girl Up's advocates are empowered to create real change for girls around the world, and themselves. To date, Girl Up has supported 34,095 girls. And we were able to send four of them to school for a year with the Fall Box!

change co

Almost every day there is a news story that involves gun violence. To help change the narrative for those affected by these heinous acts we chose to support Every Town for Gun Safety this season with 10% of our profits. Every Town for Gun Safety respects the Second Amendment and protects it while supporting sensible measures to help prevent the wrong people having access to guns, which leads to all kinds of violence- from deadly domestic abuse to suicide and unintentional deaths. One of the main ways to stop dangerous people from obtaining guns is through background checks. As gun owners ourselves, we believe that we have the right to own them. But we also believe that if you have a violent criminal history that right is given up and using loop holes in the law to acquire guns puts the public at risk. Every Town for Gun Safety is helping to educate others on the importance of background checks and fighting for the appropriate legislation. We hope that in supporting gun safety, we can live in a world that is a little bit safer and with fewer preventable deaths.

As climate change forces polar bears to spend more of their time on shore, they often find themselves faced with Arctic communities - this tends to end badly for the polar bears, and the people. WWF (short for the World Wildlife Fund) is the world's leading conservation organization, and is dedicated to protecting the future of nature. They are currently working in 100 countries and their reach spans five million supporters all over the world. We are proud to support WWF this season as our nonprofit beneficiary to receive 10% of net profits from this Spring Box! Through the WWF we adopted a polar bear to help further their work of protecting a top of the food chain animal. Polar bears play an important role in the overall health of the marine environment. Polar bears depend on sea ice for their survival and are directly impacted by climate change. WWF's work combines global reach with a foundation in science, involves action at every level from local to global, and works for the delivery of innovative solutions that support the needs of people AND nature. They do this through protecting and restoring species and their habitats, strengthening local communities' ability to conserve the natural resources, transforming markets and policies, ensuring that the value of nature is an importance to everyone from government to individuals, and by mobilizing millions to support conservation. Thank you for helping us protect a polar bear this season, and ensure a bright future for us all!