The Kite Ribbon Bow Tie

The Kite Ribbon Bow Tie

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Introducing The Kite Ribbon Bow Tie by Knots Apparel Co. Completing your dapper look, this bow tie is both classy and meaningful. With every sale 50% of the profits goes toward the Children's Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida.

The Kite is the emblem of the Children’s Cancer Center. In the center of the building their is a large kite mural made by a local artist. The Kite logo symbolizes the fun-loving childhood that everyone deserves and what the Center makes possible for theirs kids! On the tail of the Kite, there are several multi-colored ribbons which symbolize the kids and their unique backgrounds, needs, and interests. Knots' Kite Ribbon bow tie plays on this concept with several blue, pink, and green patterns representing the ribbon concept that the Children’s Cancer Center is built around.

The Kite Ribbon Bow features a unique blue, pink and green patterned cotton symbolizing the ribbons in the Children’s Cancer Center’s emblem.

  • Geo patterned cotton/Navy polyester backing

  • Handmade in Tampa, FL

  • Cotton linen

  • Hand wash only

  • Low heat/steam iron