Mindful Tin Candle

Mindful Tin Candle

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Who doesn't love a great smelling candle? This is one you don't want to miss! It's light, fragrant, not overpowering, and scented with White Tea & Ginger. What's even better is the mission behind it - Right Here Right Now exists to help people livhappier, healthier, fulfilling lives through changing youawareness, increasing gratitude, and bringing you back to the present with their 'bump'. The symbol on this candle, serves as a kinreminder to take ten seconds and be mindful of the here annow. Too often we all get caught up in the daily grind anforget to step back and find the joy within our days. Place this purposeful candle somewhere you'll see it often, enjoy your shortmindfulness exercise, and carry that mindfulness with yothroughout the rest of the day. 

Right Here Right Now doesn't only want to help you live amore fulfilling life, but wants the world to as well. That's whthey donate 5% of their profits to two organizations; HandsAcross the Sea, and Freedom Service Dogs of America.  

White candle in light silver metal tin with turquoise Right Here Right Now bump symbol lid design.

Height 1.75" x Diameter 3".

40 hour burn time.