The Miracle Oil to Start Your Day

The beauty world is a $445 billion dollar industry that is largely unregulated in regards to what chemicals they use. Yes, there are safe chemicals out there, in fact, we are made of chemicals; but according to the American Cancer Society, the effect that the ingredients in our beauty products have on our health is unclear due to the lack of long term studies. There is also little information about what ingredients in our beauty products are absorbed into the body (and how much they are absorbed) when applied to the skin during actual product use. Knowing that the safety and regulation of these products is often left up in the air, we do our best to do right by our skin and seek out cleaner products to use in our daily beauty routine. This is when we fell in love with Apothecary 90291.


Apothecary 90291 started when the co-founder, Andreea Farcas, was searching for a product to soothe her very dry skin and became frustrated when she couldn’t find anything, no matter how high-end the label, that addressed her issues and worse, they contained petroleum and parabens, dyes, and phthalates, alcohol and sulfates! Growing up, Andreea would entertain herself by spending time in her mother’s (a biochemist) lab. She then realized that with her background, she could create her own skincare line free from potentially harmful ingredients. She soon started making her own products using oils, a beauty ritual that has been passed down through the generations in her home country,  and sharing them with friends. When they started asking for more, Andreea and her husband, Cameron, decided to partner together and form Apothecary 90291, which is focused on creativity, charity, and of course, great health.

Using oils for skincare is a bit of a new idea in the United States, but it is actually a very old tradition, Ancient Egyptians used Moringa Oil to keep their face vibrant! Most, myself included, are worried that using oils on your face can cause breakouts and all the other things you fight to get rid of, but it is all about using the right type of oil! Apothecary 90291 is well-versed on the different types of oil that will help with anti-aging, sun protection, boosts collegne, etc. Plus, they are committed to only using certified organic ingredients, which is important because that means an ingredient must be free from synthetic chemicals (such as pesticides and herbicides) and must have been grown, processed, and transported in a way that has kept them separate from products containing such (+ it helps the bees!). Furthermore, these ingredients, the farms on which they grow, and the methods used to process them are subject to periodic on-site inspections by certifying governing bodies to insure organic standards are maintained. We love that Apothecary 90291 is just as concerned with protecting the environments where their ingredients are grown as well as protecting your skin from harmful ingredients.


When creating Apothecary 90291, Andreea and Cameron knew that they wanted to be able to give back. For much of her life, Andreea has sought to help others in need, including raising money for an individual needing a much-needed prosthetic. At a young age, Cameron was able to travel to Haiti and spend months teaching English and traveling around the country. With this desire to help others and following Apothecary 90291’s motto of Abundance&Gratitude, they have partnered with Community Healing Gardens and Heal the Bay to help further their missions. Heal the Bay works to protect the Santa Monica Bay (they even helped to ban plastic bags in southern California!) while Community Healing Gardens is focused on fostering community through urban gardening and they also donate the produce to the communities! When using the Luminous Face Oil from Apothecary 90291, you not only can feel good about the quality and safety of the product, but also, that they directly supporting charities in their local community! 

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