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With Father’s Day just around the corner we found it to be the perfect time to introduce you to our latest collaboration - with Knots Apparel Co! We’ve been eyeing Knots for quite some time now, their dapper bowties and sophisticated pocket squares certainly cause anyone to do a double take! We’ve been slowly expanding our Conscious Men collection, and this was a beyond-perfect fit. But we didn’t only eye them for their perfectly designed bow ties, ties, and pocket squares, we loved their commitment to making the world a better place through clean water projects, fighting childhood cancer, and lending support to the homeless community. 

Knots was born in 2010 when an ambitious surfer was reflecting on his time serving the Nicaraguan people as a volunteer engineer for Water for Waslala. Knowing that he had lived a privileged life up until that point, he wanted to create a company that would help transform the apparel industry by not only making high quality, superb products, but that would donate 50% of its profits to causes that needed our attention. Today, Knots promotes three different menswear collections: Water for Waslala, The Joseph Fund, and the Children’s Cancer Center; we are proud to carry them all in our marketplace! 

Water for Waslala was the first organization that stole the hearts of Knots’ founders. The organization has a mission to end the water crisis in Waslala, Nicaragua through cost-effective, sustainable water projects. If you didn’t know, Waslala is a remote community that is home to 65,000 residents - these residents mostly reside in rural villages, earn less than $2 a day, and lack access to life’s basic necessity, clean drinking water. Water for Waslala, which now operates under WaterAid, has implemented 18 community water projects and is serving over 3,400 residents directly. They are also able to reach 3,800 residents through their household filter micro-enterprise program. Water for Waslala has a goal of achieving universal access to water, sanitation, and hygiene in this community by 2030! The El Agua tie was inspired by the people of Waslala and is a reminder of the clean water projects underway. 

The second organization that Knots partnered with was The Joseph Fund, an organization in Camden, NJ that is committed to community development and sheltering their homeless community. The north gets….cold, and the shelter that The Joseph Fund provides to those in need is life-changing. The Joseph Fund is inspired to truly improve the quality of life for those who live in their community, and they do this through providing affordable home-ownership, a child development center, an overnight refuge, youth programs, and more! They wish to lend a hand to those who need it, and encourage members to become active in their community. The wool plaid Avalon tie reminds us of just how important the Joseph Fund’s shelters are during the cold winter months. 

The most recent collection at Knots is supporting the Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. This organization was founded by a couple that lost their daughter to leukemia, and was later inspired to help alleviate some of the stress of coping with child’s life-threading disease. They serve families of children who have cancer or chronic blood disorders with emotional, financial, and educational support, as well as hope. The Center believes that when a child is diagnosed, the entire family is diagnosed. Because of this belief they create programs that addresses the needs of the entire family, from counseling services, to summer camp days, scholarships, and music therapy. The Kite Ribbon Bow Tie symbolizes the fun-filled childhood that everyone deserves and is inspired by the large kite mural in the center of their building. 

We love partnering with companies that put people over profits and strive to bring you stunning, every day products while improving the lives of those in need. Take a look at the Conscious Men collection here and snag Dad a gift that truly matters!

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