The Spring Box Reveal

Spring is in the air! We are thrilled to put the cold dreary days behind us and leap into floral filled days of growth! With the turn of the season, a new Change Co. box is hitting doorsteps and it's quite possibly our best box yet! The Spring Box is full of products that are perfect for your sunshiny days, creates change around the world, and features more than $185 dollars in retail value! Read on to get the low down on just how fabulous this season's box is and be sure to start your membership to grab yours before they're gone (currently down to six left!).

01 Luminous Face Oil  |  Apothecary 90291 

We were excited to find a skin care company that not only creates products that our skin craves, but that gives back to the world with every purchase! The Luminous Face Oil from Apothecary 90291 is a blend of the finest and rarest certified organic carrier and essential oils, each one chosen for its unique, skin-healing properties. This oil is great to use during the spring as it helps protect skin against the aging effects of the sun, free radicals, and pollution.  It also has a refreshing floral scent that will have you dreaming of days spent in the garden! You may have heard to avoid using oils on your skin, but research suggests that pure botanical oils are more effective than their traditional moisturizer counterparts at hydrating the largest organ of our body. 

Despite the oily texture, these botanicals absorb quickly and leave the skin firmer, smoother, silkier, and more radiant! And it's perfect for all skin types, so no need to worry if your skin is prone to be a bit oilier. Botanical oils actually help balance the skin's sebum (what you feel when your face is oily) production too! Not only is this Luminous Face Oil made with clean ingredients, light, and perfect for spring, but it gives back to multiple organizations fighting for the common good! Heal the Bay is an environmental nonprofit organization in Los Angeles, CA committed to keeping costal waters and watersheds safe, healthy, and clean through science, education, community action, and advocacy. Apothecary 90291 also donates to Community Healing Gardens, an urban gardening program that builds community while providing food for people of all socio-economic status in SoCal. Last, but not least, they also donate to the El Paso Animal Rescue - it's safe to say this is the most impactful face oil you'll ever use! ($120)

Key ingredients: Marula Oil, Baobab Oil, Pomegranate Oil. 


Harriet Tote  |  Eye Heart World 

This spring season we are headed to the farmer's market and we are taking our beautiful Harriet tote with us! The tote, named after the inspirational Harriet Tubman, is made out of high quality durable canvas and finished with a leather patch. It is the perfect size for all of your fresh veggies, flowers, and finds from a day spent at the local market. Be prepared for all the compliments that you will receive! You'll then be able to tell them that this bag helped provide aftercare resources for a victim of trafficking on their journey to healing and independent living. There is even text on the inside that serves as a reminder of the impact you have had!

Eye Heart World was created in 2010 when husband and wife duo, Brian and Season Russo, decided to take action against human trafficking in their community.  For their first awareness to raise funds for a safe home, they made 30 bags and sold out!  They now have a whole product line that is fair trade and helps support their goal of ending human trafficking in their community and serves as a way for people to Carry the Cause. Eye Heart World is focused on three ways to help end human trafficking; Aftercare, Prevention, and Awareness with efforts focused in Wisconsin and Alabama. ($38)


Clay Bowls  |  Ten Thousand Villages

The beautiful bowls that you'll be using for all your gatherings this spring were handmade by women in Indonesia at the Lombok Pottery Center cooperative where they create pottery using a tradition passed down through generations for hundreds of years. These bowls are created using clay dug near their villages, and shaped by hand, using simple tools to create designs and fire pots in communal pits using straw and coconut husks. In an impoverished area with little economic opportunity, this skill is coveted, and helps the women at the co-op earn sustainable incomes and their children to achieve high levels of education.

Ten Thousand Villages has set out to become a place where you connect to your global village. They work with communities, like the one in Indonesia that crafted your bowls, to improve the lives of the makers through supporting their craft and providing a sustainable and livable income. To date, they directly impact the lives of 20,000 makers in 30 countries, which results in more food on tables, more children in school, safer households, and healthier families. $140 million dollars has been earned by these makers (who would have otherwise been unemployed or underemployed) since Ten Thousand Villages was founded in 1946. In addition, they ensure ethical practices at every turn. This season, enjoy an extra scoop of ice cream in these hand crafted bowls and know you've made a difference for women and their families in Indonesia.  ($17)

Hair Ties  |  Banded (One of two color assortments)

Spring is the season to hustle! We will be busy cleaning the whole house, going to yoga, etc. and will definitely be putting our hair up in a messy ponytail. These hair ties from Banded help us stay stylish while completing even the most mundane spring cleaning tasks. They are not only perfect for stepping up your spring wardrobe, but they also improve the world through feeding children in need! Banded is passionate about creating beautiful products and making their mark on the world. That's why they incorporated a give back program with each product that they sell. Their 1=3 program means that your hair ties provided three meals for children where food can be hard to come by. Banded works with feeding programs across Uganda, Latin America, and the Caribbean to ensure that their products are resulting in hope and opportunity for children who oftentimes dnot know where their next meal is coming from.

Banded works with Amazima which serves the orphaned and vulnerable in Uganda, and Food For The Poor, which serves those in extreme poverty across 17 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Food is essential to everyone, regardless of where you live. Available meals mean that children are able to grow and flourish, while allowing them to spend more time in school and being children without worrying about food. Because of Banded's 1=3 program, more than 10 million meals have been provided around the world for children in need. YOU got to be a part of that. Thanks to your participation in the Spring Box this year, we were able to help Banded provide 216 meals! Wear these cute hair ties all season long, knowing you have made a difference. ($6.98)

Mindful 'Bump'  |  Right Here Right Now

One of our resolutions this year was to be more present, and we were excited to learn that Right Here Right Now is not only improving lives by helping people achieve that goal, but is helping improve the world through their give back initiatives. Right Here Right Now exists to help people live happier, healthier, fulfilling lives through changing your awareness, increasing gratitude, and bringing you back to to the present with their 'bump'. The symbol on your mirror hanger or luggage tag, serves as a kind reminder to take ten seconds and be mindful of the here and now. Too often we all get caught up in the daily grind and forget to step back and find the joy within our days. Place your 'bump' somewhere you'll see it often, enjoy your short mindfulness exercise, and carry that mindfulness with you throughout the rest of the year. 

Right Here Right Now doesn't only want to help you live a more fulfilling life, but wants the world to as well. That's why they donate 5% of their profits to two organizations; Hands Across the Sea, and Freedom Service Dogs of America. Hands Across the Sea exists to raise child literacy levels and serves children and schools in Antigua, Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada. They've sent over 374,000 books to over 400 primary and secondary schools, giving 78,600 children access to age and culturally-appropriate reading books and a lending library at their school. Freedom Service Dogs of America unleashes the potential of shelter dogs by transforming them into custom-trained, life-changing assistance dogs for people in need. ($6.98)

World Wildlife Foundation  |  Featured Non-Profit Beneficiary

You're not only receiving five beautiful products that improve the world this season, but your Spring Box also comes with a donation toward adopting a polar bear through the World Wildlife Foundation! As climate change forces polar bears to spend more of their time on shore, they often find themselves faced with Arctic communities - this tends to end badly for the polar bears, and the people. WWF (short for the World Wildlife Fund) is the world's leading conservation organization, and is dedicated to protecting the future of nature. They are currently working in 100 countries and their reach spans five million supporters all over the world. We are proud to support WWF this season as our nonprofit beneficiary to receive 10% of net profits from this Spring Box!

Through the WWF, we adopted a polar bear to help further their work of protecting this animal that's at the top of the food chain. Polar Bears play a very important role in the overall health of the marine environment as well as the culture and economy of Arctic peoples. Because of ongoing and potential loss of their sea ice habitat, resulting from climate change, polar bears were listed as an endangered species in May 2008. WWF's work combines global reach with a foundation in science, involves action at every level from local to global, and works for the delivery of innovative solutions that support the needs of people AND nature. They do this through protecting and restoring species and their habitats, strengthening local communities' ability to conserve the natural resources, transforming markets and policies, ensuring that the value of nature is an importance to everyone from government to individuals, and by mobilizing millions to support conservation. 


This is one of our favorite boxes and our members have been saying the same! Don't miss out on the opportunity to make your spring fabulous and to help change the world at the same time! Click here to join a Change Co. membership and help support these people and causes around the world! 

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